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Check out the January 2022 Pocket Change Project Newsletter

Happy New Year!

The Pocket Change Project is starting 2022 off with a bang!

Right off the bat, we have a brand new website and we’d love it if you'd check it out and let us know what you think.

We are hoping it will be an inspirational source of information on how we can reduce our carbon footprints individually and collectively through everything from getting rid of your gas furnace to buying a new electric car.

Most of all, we'd like to develop the site as a go-to resource for reliable, informed information for Pocket neighbours considering a carbon reducing -- or carbon-eliminating -- home renovation.

We’re aiming to be a hub of neighbour-to-neighbour information sharing that includes testimonials, recommendations (and warnings) from actual people in the Pocket who have already undergone deep retrofits. We’ll have regular updates on the Change Makers (a cohort of 10 Pocket homeowners embarking on retrofit journeys of their own), access to the Pocket’s own Retrofit Coach, Paul Dowsett, who can answer specific queries about YOUR home and set you on the path to the greenest home retrofit solutions available.

We’ll also have curated Net Zero news from Canada and around the world, profiles of climate champions here in the Pocket, the skinny on all the rebates and financing options available for home retrofits, and monthly blog on everything from the hot air blowing out of Queen’s Park to Air Source Heat Pumps and much more!

Here are some highlights from the website:

My Net Zero Journey

(spoiler alert: it’s not over)

I’ve been sweating about climate change for a while now. I’m part of an artists group bringing awareness to these issues and I am also a member of The Pocket Change Project, the Eco committee of PCA whose mission is to help our wonderful neighbourhood fight climate change, largely through home retrofits.

Read the full blog post.

Our MP is now Canada's Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment

On Dec 3, our local MP, Julie Dabrusin, was appointed Parliamentary Secretary of Environment and Climate Change. Julie, who has been a big supporter of the Pocket Change Project, is now charged with developing some of the most important environmental policy decisions at the national level.

She spoke with the Pocket Change Project about her new post and some of the opportunities and challenges she - and all of us - face when it comes to achieving net-zero.

Read the Q+A.

Climate Plan Consultations: Let’s Be Louder Than The Fossil Fuel Industry

The federal government’s consultation about its climate plan is about to close - on January 14th! Have you had your say? If no, check out this portal from Lead Now that has made it easy for you to send a message.

Read the full blog post.

Pocket Change Webinar

Mark your calendars! On January 27th, the Pocket Change Project will be hosting a webinar at 7:30pm.

Home Retrofits -- why they are important and what they involve.

Join Climate Champion Emma Weyman for an informative presentation and question and answer session. RSVP here.


Until next month,


Liisa and Marco

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