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Pocket Change Executive 2024

Marc van Beusekom

Sustainable Transportation Lead

Marc van Beusekom has lived in the Pocket since 1995. He was for many years a contributing writer to The Pocket newsletter, as well as serving as its editor for two years. He managed a car share organization, Options for Cars, from 2010 to 2017, which had two cars stationed in the Pocket and a small fleet of additional vehicles across the GTA. He has worked for a number of not-for-profit organizations, including solar energy co-operatives, a non-profit housing developer, as well as several local, sustainable food businesses. He is married with three grown children.

Paul Dowsett

The Pocket Retrofit Coach

Paul Dowsett, principal architect at Sustainable, has been central to the mainstreaming of sustainable architecture in Canada, while practicing deep community engagement with equity-seeking groups of all backgrounds and abilities. Paul’s work consistently demonstrates the value of building-science-led design solutions for new construction and retrofits. He is a key advisor to governments and other stakeholders in the space of residential retrofits in Canada, and the founder of the Ontario Net-Zero Architects Network. Paul's own home was one of the first deep energy retrofits in The Pocket; this early retrofit work he did on his house reduced its energy use to 48% less than that required for a typical Canadian home. His firm later retrofitted a very similar home achieving the first ever LEED For Homes Platinum certification for a residential renovation in Canada. Paul has recently completely electrified his home by upgrading to a cold climate air source heat pump and induction appliances - he is proud to be "100% electric" L!

Craig Jasman

Member-at-Large and Solar Lead

Craig Jasman was one of the co-founders of the original Pocket Community Association committees that focused on energy and the environment, which evolved into today's Pocket Change Committee. A long-time solar enthusiast and early adopter, he's had solar thermal on his home's roof since 2010 and enjoys sharing his knowledge and personal experience with others. His contributions as a long-term board member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers include motivating the broadcast and production industry to become more sustainable. As an engineer at CBC/Radio-Canada, Craig was involved in the setup of a new Maison de Radio-Canada in Montréal (headquarters for CBC Radio-Canada). The building's many sustainable features include green rooftops and eco-friendly water management.

David Langille

Co-Chair, Pocket Change Project

David Langille is political economist by training with a strong background in community development and social activism. After years of activism on peace and Indigenous issues, David retired from the frontlines to teach public policy and advocacy at York and the University of Toronto. He also moved into the neighbourhood, where he played an instrumental role in naming The Pocket, organizing street parties, helping with a community newspaper and website, incorporating the Pocket Community Association, and founding the Pocket Change Project, which he has led since 2017.

Co-Chair, Pocket Change Project and Chair, Retrofit Working Group

Julia Morgan has lived in The Pocket since 2005. She served as editor of The Pocket newsletter for 10 years and was also part of a group that worked to establish the Pocket Community Association. Julia has a long history of climate action and has been involved with a number of climate groups. She has also engaged extensively on the City of Toronto’s net-zero strategy, TransformTO. She is a senior philanthropy lead for a GTA charity with a strong equity focus, and prior to that, she ran a communications and fundraising consulting business specializing in the charitable sector for 16 years. She is an alumni of the City of Toronto's Women for Climate mentorship program. In film she has worked on a number of documentaries, including an award-winning short about a former Pocket cyclist.

Michael O'Neill

Changemakers Program Retrofit Coordinator

Michael O'Neill has lived in The Pocket since 2014. He studied at both Ryerson University (now TMU) and York, majoring in business. After holding various positions in government, he advanced his career in the corporate sector, eventually becoming vice-president at a government relations firm. Most recently, he retired from his role as Global Manager, Corporate Events at Armstrong Fluid Technology, an engineering and manufacturing company that supplies sustainable heating and cooling systems to institutional and corporate clients worldwide. Michael’s lifelong commitment to community service has revolved around communications, event management and fundraising. Organizations that have benefitted from his volunteer work include United Way, Distress Centres of Greater Toronto, Canadian Blood Services, political organizations at all levels, and the Pocket Community Association and Pocket Change Project.

Paul Woodman

Treasurer; Changemakers Program Retrofit Coordinator

Paul Woodman is an electronic engineering technician, who has extensive experience with instrumentation, telecommunications, information technology, and account management. He currently works in the home improvement sector. Paul also served previously on the Pocket Community Association, as PCA web-master and administrator and as part of the PCA Executive.

Eve Wyatt

Past Chair, Retrofit Working Group

Retired from senior management at GO Transit/Metrolinx, Eve Wyatt is a civil engineer with extensive experience in project management, policy development, and application of technology. Motivated by a long-standing concern about climate change, she devotes her time to results-oriented projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. She is currently Chair of Toronto Home Retrofits, a volunteer-based non-profit inspired by Pocket Change that supports communities across Toronto helping homeowners to reduce their homes' carbon pollution.