Retrofit Advisors

Where to Find Your Retrofit Advisor

There are many retrofit industry professionals offering energy audits, planning, and other consultation and support services. It is important to find an advisor who knows what they are doing in terms of clean energy/low-carbon upgrades as this is an evolving industry and not all advisors are up to speed with current best practices.

This list has been provided by Toronto Home Retrofits, which, like Pocket Change, encourages homeowners to obtain independent expert advice as they plan and implement home improvements to reduce emissions and increase the energy efficiency of their homes. A number of these have worked with homeowners in the Pocket before.

The basic descriptions below have been provided by the companies themselves. See the Read More link below for each company for contact info and their answers to common questions that homeowners might have.

  • Energy Neighbour provides one-on-one no-cost guidance to homeowners doing clean energy retrofits (mostly heat pumps, hot water and solar). We are always happy to take your call for a consultation and/or to answer any questions. There is no cost and no obligation and we can refer you to a neighbour to hear about their clean energy experience. Read More.
  • Goldfinch Energy helps Toronto neighbourhoods transition to clean, renewable energy one home at a time. Our growing team of Registered Energy Advisors is deeply committed to addressing the climate crisis by providing expert advice, retrofitting support, guidance and inspiration to homeowners. Read More.
  • Homes to Zero helps homeowners plan the journey to a comfortable, resilient, Net Zero home. Our mission is to see the over 10 million single family homes in Canada get to Net Zero as quickly and equitably as possible. Read More.
  • Jouleia's mission is to accelerate the transition to low carbon homes. Its an online platform that educates homeowners and helps them understand the what, when and why of heat pumps and other sustainable upgrades, with our expert team on standby to take care of installation when theyre ready. Read More.