Rooftop Solar

A handful of homeowners in The Pocket have rooftop solar panels - both photovoltaic and hot water thermal heaters.

  • A typical Pocket house has a roof large enough for a photovoltaic system that can power your entire home.
  • Solar hot water heaters pre-heat water before it goes into your hot water heater, reducing energy use by 10 to 90 per cent.

The Pocket Change Project has recruited neighbours who are happy to give tours of their rooftop solar projects and answer your questions about cost and production. They can also help you navigate the bureaucracy when you hook your system up to the grid.

Considering a rooftop solar project on your home? The City of Toronto has a helpful tool to help estimate size, generation capacity and cost:

The SolarTO Map

The SolarTO Map is an interactive online mapping tool to help you quickly estimate the rooftop solar potential of your homes and/or building – an important first step in deciding if solar is right for you. Simply enter your address to receive an estimate of your system size, cost, savings, payback period and more.