Climate Plan Consultations: Let’s Be Louder Than The Fossil Fuel Industry

We have an important opportunity to give feedback to the Federal Government.

The federal government’s consultation about its climate plan is about to close - on January 14th! Have you had your say? If no, check out this portal from Lead Now that has made it easy for you to send a message.

A personalized message is more impactful than a form letter. For this reason, we encourage you to draft your own message for the consultations. Here are the key points from Lead Now that we support:

  • Spend what it takes to tackle the climate emergency, by investing in a climate safe economic transformation at a minimum of 2% of GDP per year

  • Stop expanding fossil fuel projects, e.g. cancelling the Trans Mountain and Coastal GasLink pipelines.

  • End all fossil fuel subsidies.

  • Funding for training and low-carbon job creation to prepare workers, including those who work in oil and gas, for a new and more inclusive economy.

  • Empowering and resourcing local and Indigenous communities to lead their transitions.

Climate Messengers have also created a toolkit for people who want to provide input.

Participate in the Public Consultation

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