Home Retrofits

The most important actions that we as individuals can take to reduce our contribution to climate change is to stop using gasoline for our transportation and to stop using “natural” gas in our homes. 

Gas burned in Toronto’s single-family homes for heating, hot water and cooking contributes 17% of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, which is why the city’s Transform TO Net Zero Strategy is aiming to reduce emissions from homes (and buildings) by 50% by 2030.

There are two parts to eliminating gas from your house- 1) improving the energy efficiency of your home to reduce the total amount of energy used, and 2) “fuel switching” from gas to electricity for heating, hot water, cooking and other uses.

Energy efficient homes are more comfortable--cold areas and drafts are eliminated, and the insulation reduces outside noise. And the cost of heating is reduced. Heating with electricity using efficient heat pumps need not cost more than heating with gas and will save you money when carbon pricing increases the cost of gas.

Whether you are preparing to replace a furnace, air conditioner or gas appliance, are planning a renovation and would like to make it as carbon emission-reducing as possible, or would like to do more to fight climate change by aiming to make your house net-zero or even net-negative, we're here to help.

Check out some of our projects below:

Change Makers

Join this group of Pocket homeowners who are getting advice and sharing information as they retrofit their homes for comfort, energy savings and lower carbon emissions. Follow their progress and see the results in person. Be inspired and learn!

Retrofit Coach

The Pocket’s own Paul Dowsett, lead architect and founder of Sustainable.TO, is offering to advise any Pocket resident on the best ways to “green” their home renovations. No question is too small or too big! Expanding your kitchen? Replacing your HVAC? Fixing your roof? Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? The Retrofit Coach can show you the greenest way to proceed.

Pocket Solar

Thinking of installing photovoltaic panels or a solar thermal system on your roof? Connect with Pocket residents who have rooftop solar installations to see them for yourself.

Retrofit Stories

Even before our Change Makers got going, some neighbours had already completed carbon emission-reducing retrofits on their houses. Read their stories.