Sustainable Transportation


About Sustainable Transportation

The Pocket Change Sustainable Transportation working group was formed in August 2022, and grew out of Pocket Change work on transportation issues that had already been taking place over several years. We are always open to new members - if you would like to volunteer with us or ask any questions about our work, please email [email protected] and put "sustainable transportation" in the subject line. We are a fun group of sustainable transportation enthusiasts who are always trying to do better with our own transportation choices in our own lives.

Our group's mission is: To cultivate a sustainable transportation ecology in The Pocket that makes it easier, safer, and more enjoyable for people to choose lower carbon modes of transport. We also work to support the City of Toronto's Net-Zero Transportation goal, which is that by 2030: 30 per cent of registered vehicles in Toronto are electric and 75 per cent of school/work trips under 5km are walked, biked or by transit.

Our group supports, promotes, and advocates for green transportation options in and near our Pocket, including:

  • EVs (cars and electric and e-assist bikes)
  • bikes
  • car shares, car rental programs (as an alternative to car ownership)
  • transit
  • walking

We hold educational events, work on new infrastructure in the Pocket to support sustainable transportation (e.g. bike parking locations), and monitor and participate in sustainable transportation advocacy issues and initiatives in our community and the surrounding area.

On Street EV Charging

In December 2022, the FIRST on-street EV station charging stations were installed in The Pocket as part of a city-wide pilot project. Pocket Change had been working on getting some EV chargers for several years. Here are the details:
  • There are three charging stations located at 453 and 503 Jones Avenue and 132 Chatham Ave (near the fire hall). Each of these can charge two vehicles at once, so in total we have 6 EV chargers in the Pocket at the three stations.
  • This is part of a pilot project run by the City, Toronto Hydro, and a third party company called FLO. Flo handles the payment aspect of using the stations. You need to register for a Flo account at this page if you would like to use one of the stations.
  • The Pocket's charging stations have been added to the map on the Flo website, but do not yet appear on the map on the Flo app. To find and bookmark them, you can use these station ID numbers:
    • AAI-10245
    • AAI-10246
    • AAI-10240
    • AAI-10239
    • AAI-10237
    • AAI-10236
  • As of date of installation, the cost to charge is $2/hr (during the day) and $3 total for charging overnight – note you must have an on-street parking permit for our area to park and charge overnight at one of these stations.
  • For more info, please see this page from Toronto Hydro: (not sure why our Pocket streets with chargers are not on their list, but we are definitely part of the pilot). The FAQ at the bottom of the page gives a lot of good info.
  • These spots are signed and by city by-law available only for charging electric vehicles. If you see a non-electric vehicle in one of these spots, you can contact 311 about enforcement.

New regulations just released and out for consultation will mean increased availability and likely better pricing for EVs coming in the three next year as Canada ramps up in preparation for a planned national mandate by 2026 that 20% of all new car sales must be EVs.

We have been told that more charging stations may be available for public use in The Pocket in future:

  • 4 charging spots for Toronto Fire Services in the Chatham parking lot. A new pedestrian access will be added on the south side of the parking lot to allow residents easier access.
  • TTC is reviewing implementation of 2 EV chargers for their staff at the Oakvale Ave lot and the potential for weekend access for the community.

Our group is also working on getting more on-street EV charging stations in our neighbourhood in the years to come.


We are becoming big fans of e-bikes which have great potential to sub in for automobiles in many instances. E-bikes can "flatten hills," shorten distances, and help you arrive at your destination sweat-free. The City of Toronto's BikeShare program now offers e-bikes - these are really fun to use and quite handy.

For good information on e-bikes, our friends at the Harbord Village Residents Association (HVRA) have an e-bike promotion page - check it out for info on some of their vetted and recommended e-bike models, as well as listings of e-bike rental companies (so you can try one out before deciding to buy) and conversion kit options for your existing bike. HVRA also had a fantastic webinar on e-bikes in fall 2022 that is a great tutorial on this exciting new option for getting around. You can view a recording of this webinar here:

Car share / charge share

A neighbour-to-neighbour solution

We are exploring connecting neighbours with EV charging stations on their property with those who cannot install their own, but need to charge their vehicle. Please reach out if you would like to join our community EV sharing initiative.