Retrofit Coach

"If only I knew someone to ask?!" 

The Pocket Change Project is piloting a new initiative to educate homeowners on the best green renovations practices.

Unfortunately, general contractors often lack the building science “know-how” needed to guide homeowners in making the greenest choices in their home renos, whether it’s understanding best insulation practices or having up-to-date info on the latest home energy options. That’s where The Retrofit Coach comes in.

The Pocket’s own Paul Dowsett, lead architect and founder of Sustainable.TO, (one of the country's leaders in sustainable building) is offering to advise any Pocket resident on the best ways to “green” their home renovations. No question is too small or too big! Expanding your kitchen? Replacing your HVAC? Fixing your roof? Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? The Retrofit Coach can show you the greenest way to proceed. Send your queries and confusions by email or book a zoom consultation: [email protected].

Did we mention it’s free?


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Retrofit Testimonials

Several neighbours have already completed carbon emission-reducing retrofits on their houses with the help of our Retrofit Coach. Read their stories.