Pocket residents' pressure gets more public EV charging in Toronto

After a call-out from our City Councillor, Paula Fletcher, and a campaign by the Pocket Change Project, dozens of Pocket Residents wrote into Council, which abruptly announced a doubling of the public EV charging program.

The list goes on and on.

More than 175 people wrote into City Council in the 48 hours before its February 2 meeting to voice disappointment in the slow roll-out of public electric vehicle charging stations in the city. 

A quick look at the list shows dozens, maybe even 50 or more, Pocket dwellers among the the names. 

And according to an account of the meeting in the Toronto Star, it worked.

City bureaucrats were "grilled" by councillors who received overwhelming support from residents to radically expand the program. The staffers admitted the current 9 on-street chargers are "nowhere near the number” we need.

They pledged to double that number by years' end, a small victory in the march toward a goal of 10,000 publicly-accessible EV charging stations by 2030.

It was not a foregone conclusion.

The Pocket Change Project received a request for help from Councillor Fletcher two days before the meeting, explaining that City Staff had proposed no expansion to the on-street EV charging pilot - suggesting the 9 chargers were sufficient for a city of almost 3 million!

We produced a call-out over email and on social media - and it clearly resonated with Pocket neighbours who responded en masse by emailing council and providing the support needed to overturn the Staffers' proposal.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our call out and to Councillor Fletcher for leading the charge at council!

For more info on the Pocket Change Projects' efforts to get a public EV charging station in our neighbourhood, check out the EV section of our website.



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