Public EV charging stations

*** UPDATE *** Thanks to the outpouring of support from the Pocket, our neighbourhood will be a front runner for the City of Toronto with at least 10 public charging stations to be installed in the coming months.

The following locations are being planned:

  • 6 on-street EV charging spaces - 2 on Chatham Ave. and 4 on Jones Ave. The plan is for six spaces in three locations, one of which will be located on Chatham Ave. and two on Jones Ave. (one near Baird Ave. and one near Hunter St.) Each location will have two charging points.
  • 4 charging spots for Toronto Fire Services in the Chatham parking lot, which will also be available to the public. A new pedestrian access will be added on the south side of the parking lot to allow residents easier access.
  • TTC is reviewing implementation of 2 EV chargers for their staff at the Oakvale Ave. lot and the potential for weekend access for the community.

We are aware of a grassroots movement to push for bike lanes on Jones Ave. and will strive to make sure these two goals do not interfere with each other. We hope Jones Ave will pilot the first protected bike lane in the city that's compatible with EV charging - something that will be necessary across Toronto in the years to come.

On-street EV charging

The Pocket Change Project is working with our City Councillor, Paula Fletcher, to get one or more publicly-accessible electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in our neighbourhood.

Opportunities for on-street charging in The Pocket are limited, so we've turned our efforts to publicly-owned parking lots, of which there are several in the neighbourhood - the TTC has 2 (on Chatham Ave and Oakvale Ave), The city daycare has 1 (on Chatham), the Fire Station (on Chatham), the TCHC (on Phin Ave) and Bon Berger school (on Boultbee Ave.)

Thanks to the Pocket Change Plus motion passed by City Council, we think there's a good chance we can get a charging station or two put in one or more of these lots and made accessible to the public (likely outside of work hours). Councillor Fletcher and the TRCA are currently helping us engage with the agencies involved.

The city currently has a pilot project that has installed EV charging at 9 sites around the city. For more information on how to use these stations, Toronto Hydro has a great Q+A. There is an existing on-street EV charging station just a couple of blocks east of The Pocket on Mountjoy Ave.

Car share / charge share

A neighbour-to-neighbour solution

The Pocket Change Project is also exploring connecting neighbours with EV charging stations on their property with those who cannot install their own, but need to charge their vehicle. Please reach out if you would like to join our community EV sharing initiative.