Pocket Greening

Lamp posts, alley ways, boulevards and school yards - there are lots of places in our neighbourhood that could be greener. Whether its planting trees or sharing vegetable gardens, the Pocket Change Project facilitates greening on public and private property and is always looking for new people, ideas and enthusiasm.

Tree Project

Since 2013, the Pocket Tree Project has worked to help Pocket residents plant trees on public and private property.

Pollinator gardens 

At the entrance to Phin Park sits a blue canoe surrounded by plants and wildflowers - all chosen to support pollinators such as native birds, bees and butterflies.

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are designed to slowly absorb rainwater, helping to reduce the impacts of urban flooding.

Laneway Project

We're working on rejuvenating the laneway between Phin Park, the Wandering Spirit School and Ravina Crescent