Pocket Tree Project

Free Trees shrubs for Pocket Residents

UPDATE May 2022 - In partnership with the TRCA, the Pocket Change Project is offering native shrubs to anyone who lives in the Pocket, free of charge, for fall delivery. Eleven different species, from fragrant sumac to silky dogwood are available (full species list here).

The shrubs will be delivered to Phin Park on a weekend and you'll be responsible for picking them up and planting them. However, the Pocket Change Project has a small team of volunteers who will plant shrubs for anyone who cannot do it themselves.

Please fill out this form if you're interested.

Tree Program

Trees are vital community members! They offer homes to animals, shade for people and plants, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions - all while filling the air with life-giving oxygen.

Pocket residents know this. That’s why in 2013 the Pocket Community Association launched the Pocket Tree Project, partnering with LEAF and the City of Toronto’s Urban Forestry to:

  • Plant 100 new front yard trees

  • Plant 35 new trees in Phin Park

  • Arrange for trees to be planted at Blake Public School and Eastern Commerce Collegiate

Since 2013, the Pocket Tree Project has continued to help Pocket residents to plant the trees we all need. 

Thinking about planting a tree or shrub? Not sure what to plant? Contact the Pocket Tree Project for help - you may even be eligible for a free front yard tree!