New public EV chargers coming to the Pocket

After a big push from Pocket residents, the city has announced 12 publicly accessible electric vehicle charging stations in our neighbourhood.

After a public outcry shamed the city into committing to add more on-street chargers to its meagre list of only 6 city-wide, the new locations have now been announced.

There will be 32 new EV chargers installed by years end, including 6 at three locations in the Pocket:

  • 453 Jones Ave.
  • 503 Jones Ave.
  • 132 Chatham Ave.

Locations were selected because they have enough capacity for dedicated EV parking spots, which allows for easy installation with minimal disruption to pedestrians and the community.

The Pocket Change Project is thrilled that our neighbours played no small part in kick starting this overdue action and that our neighbourhood will benefit from the new infrastructure (This is one of our core projects). Because what's the point in buying an EV if you don't have a driveway or garage where you can charge it?

Many of you also filled out and shared The Atmospheric Fund's EV charging survey and your support made a difference. They received over 1,000 responses and the results show an overwhelming need for a better public charging network, sooner. Even TAF was surprised to see the extent of Toronto’s EV love. View the summary here.

We're also aware of the way these early on-street EV chargers are not compatible with protected bike lanes and are committed to finding a solution where both safe bike lanes and EV chargers can co-exist. Because the future of our city definitely includes both.

In addition to expanding Toronto’s on-street charging infrastructure, the City says it will also require new buildings to have the infrastructure to support EV charging, provide funding to install EV chargers in existing buildings and providing public EV charging stations in Green P parking lots (up to 500 by end of 2024) and at City-owned properties and facilities.

In that vein, there are also plans to add four more chargers in the Fire station parking lot on Chatham Ave, which will be available to the public, and two more in the TTC employee parking lot off Oakvale Ave, which will be made available to the public during off-hours (more details TBD).

Read the City announcement for more details and the full list of on-street chargers city wide.

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