Home Retrofit Webinar

Missed our great webinar on home retrofits? You can watch the recording here

Improve your home's comfort and take your foot off the gas!

The Pocket Change Project held a home retrofit webinar on Jan 27, 2022 where we discussed some of the exciting technologies that make it much easier to cut off your natural gas and go carbon-free.

We also discussed some of the grants and low-interest loans available to help homeowners embark upon these retrofits.

And we introduced folks to our Change Makers project, where we connect folks with architects, designers and contractors who have the experience and the know-how to ensure a renovation is as environmentally responsible as possible.

The webinar featured three great speakers:

Climate Change and the Need to Act - Emma WeyburnEnvironmental Studies, York University

Retrofitting Your Homes - How the City Can Help - 
Stewart Dutfield
Environment & Energy Division, City of Toronto  

How You Can Get Started; Becoming a ChangeMaker - 
Sarah Grant
Goldfinch Energy & Retrofit Advisor to the Pocket

For more information on carbon emission reducing renovations, check out the Home Retrofits section of our website, filled with helpful resources.

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