Earth Day meeting recap

After a two year pandemic hiatus, the Pocket Change Project held its first hybrid in-person/online meeting at Kapapamahchakwew - Wandering Spirit School with exciting updates on bulk buying of environmentally-friendly products, government rebates and EV charging stations coming to the Pocket.


With more than a dozen people in attendance and 16 more who participated virtually, the first Pocket Change meeting in far too long was a big success!

We would like to thank Robert Durocher from Kapapamahchakwew - Wandering Spirit School, who warmly welcomed us into the building and set the tone for an informative exchange.

Right off the bat, the Pocket Change Project elected a new Executive, a group of experienced and dedicated neighbours who are excited to take our community group to the next level.

In a fascinating exchange, Sarah Grant, a registered energy advisor, interviewed one of her clients, Nicolas, a newly arrived Pocket resident, about his home retrofits. They discussed not only Nicolas' motivations, but also what projects he chose to prioritize and why.

We then heard from our cross-town friend, Tim Grant, of the Harbord Village Residents' Association (HVRA), who have been undertaking environmental community action for two decades. Tim inspired us with stories of how his neighbours have been banding together to get discounts on environmentally-friendly products. The did a "bulk buy" of solar panels some time back and are now undertaking a mass building envelope insulation project, expected to include at least 20 houses!

Something that might be of interest to Pocket residents is the HVRA's bulk buy of induction stoves and cooktopsParticipants will be eligible for discounts of $300 – $900 on induction ranges and $100 on induction cooktops. You do not need to live in Harbord Village to participate. We expect this limited time initiative to be open for the next 2-3 months, so don't delay!

Next up we heard about the city's plans to pilot as many as 10 public EV charging stations in the Pocket, making us a leader in Toronto. Thanks to the hard work of our city councillor, Paula Fletcher, Pocket Change volunteers, and the overwhelming output of support that Pocket residents sent in to city council in February, for putting pressure on the city to do the right thing, the Pocket will soon be an example for the rest of the city to follow.

Thanks to everyone who came out and we look forward to seeing you at the Eco Fun Fair on June 18.

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