Air Sealing & Insulation webinar

Missed our great webinar on air sealing and insulation? You can check out the slide deck here.





Yes - Spring is here, and it looks like it may stick.
With spring comes the construction season.
While many of us will be thinking about improving our decks or painting our exterior trim - now is also a good time to think about Air-sealing and Insulation.
Don’t wait until the cold weather returns, get a plan together now - you’ll thank yourself when the cold weather does return.
Ask questions of your friendly, neighbourhood Retrofit Coach, Paul Dowsett [email protected]
Book an appointment for an energy audit and roadmap with Sarah Grant of Goldfinch Energy [email protected]
They’re here to help!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to record our webinar on May 26, but we have included our slide deck below. Check it out!


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