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The Pocket Community has won a lottery of sorts! We have been chosen by the Toronto and Region Conservation Association to develop a SNAP (Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan). A SNAP is a community-led planning process facilitated by the TRCA that aims to serve as a launching pad for neighbourhood-based green dreams and sustainable schemes.

The SNAP will connect neighbours to neighbours, fast track existing green initiatives, sow seeds for future projects and connect us all with the resources, granting opportunities and government supports that we need to move projects along at a speedier pace.

It’s an opportunity to get involved and shape the neighbourhood for the better for years to come. Whether your priority is fighting climate change, greening the Pocket, growing food or community building – have your say and and find like-minded souls to build a better world with!

The first community workshop was on May 17th, 2021 and involved more than 100 Pocket folks who shared their dreams and priorities for the neighbourhood and learned about the SNAP process in more detail.

The second community workshop took place on Nov 30, 2021 and focused in on several key ideas that emerged from the first workshop, including the laneway project, nieghbour-to-neighbour garden sharing and electric car recharging. Check out the slides here:

For more info on the SNAP project, you can visit the TRCA website: