Pocket Change Project welcomes our summer student interns

Biancka and Harrison are two smart and enthusiastic student interns that will be helping out the Pocket Change Project this summer. Say hi.

Some of you may have already met them at the Eco Fun Fair, but if you didn't get a chance to introduce yourself, here are the Pocket Change Project's summer interns 2022. 

Biancka and Harrison will be walking around the Pocket this summer, knocking on doors and asking residents to answer a few questions. Later, at your convenience, you can complete online surveys about your home energy use and transportation habits.

The information gathered in the Pocket and in three other Toronto neighbourhoods will be used to improve the home energy and transportation activities of Pocket Change.

The survey and recruitment of the interns through the Canada Summer Jobs program is coordinated by the Green Neighbours Network. People who complete the survey will be eligible for a draw.

Haven't completed the surveys yet? Click her for the home energy use survey and transportation habits survey.

Hi! I'm Biancka, and I'll be working with the Pocket Change Project. I'm currently returning to Toronto Metropolitan University (formally Ryerson) for Environmental and Urban Sustainability, and minoring in Law. I am passionate about social and environmental justice. More specifically, I am interested in making sustainability more affordable for everyone. Taking climate action seems out of reach for most people because of the costs but there are options. In my future I want to be an advocate for the environment politically. Right now I'm just trying to learn and experience as much as possible in reducing gas emissions. I am excited to work with the Pocket and the Green Neighbours Network this summer!

My name is Harrison and I am a student in the Environmental Technology program at Centennial College. I am passionate about biodiversity and protecting our natural spaces. My love for nature started out when I was a kid, with a keen interest in birds and plants. I am born and raised in Toronto and am excited to make a difference in our city. I’m an outgoing young professional eager to expand my network in the growing field of environmental technology. I have a diploma in Business – Marketing and have some experience in media/content creation. In my future, I am hoping to work in conservation, to preserve and protect our beautiful species of native plants and wildflowers. I am looking forward to using all of my skills, and to learning new things here with the Pocket Change Project this summer.

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