Hyundai home helps EV buyers set up charging solar energy storage

Hyundai has released details of its new service to help electric vehicle buyers access solar energy panels, chargers and other accessories, according to Green Car Reports

Hyundai this week released details of Hyundai Home, a service that allows EV owners to shop home charging, solar, and energy storage hardware through one website.

Announced in 2021 as a home-energy ecosystem, Hyundai Home is now available in 16 states, according to an announcement during the 2022 Los Angeles auto show. Hyundai said the service will be overseen by dealerships in those states, with assistance from partner company Electrum.

Hyundai Home seems to be primarily an aggregator of home charging stations, solar panels, and energy-storage systems that customers can purchase in one go. It also provides three bids for each installation drawn from Electrum's network of electricians. Electrum will also provide "energy advisors" to walk customers through the process, Hyundai said.

Read the full article at Green Car Reports.

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