How Canada’s oil production rose and emissions fell - and what it means for climate policy

Read the Globe and Mail's editorial on the reduction in emissions from oil production, despite a rise in output.

Here’s one of the biggest Canadian news stories you probably haven’t read anything about.

Greenhouse gas emissions from the oil and gas industry peaked eight years ago. They have since fallen 7 per cent. But emissions didn’t fall because the production of oil and gas fell. It rose 16 per cent, to record levels, as emissions declined.

How could that happen? It’s the result of smart climate policy. In 2016, Canada and the United States promised to push the oil and gas industry to reduce emissions of methane, an especially potent greenhouse gas. “Venting” methane, better known as natural gas, had long been business as usual. Ottawa finalized the rules in 2018.

Read the full editorial at the Globe and Mail

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