Call-Out for our Sustainable Transportation Working Group

Have you ever thought the Pocket needed its own Bike Share station? Or bike parking in Phin Park? Want to help establish charging options for EVs in our community? The Pocket Change Project is starting up a Sustainable Transportation working group in the fall, and we’re looking for youth (15+) and adults interested in joining.


This is your chance to make a difference and really shape our growing green neighbourhood!

Our group will be supporting, promoting, and advocating for green transportation options in and near our Pocket including:- EVs (cars and electric and e-assist bikes, e-scooters), bikes, car shares, car rental programs, transit, and walking.

No specific experience or background knowledge required - you can “learn as you go” and we’ll help you. Your passion for this topic is enough! You must be able to volunteer at least 2 hours a month over the next year (once a month meetings).

What this experience offers:

  •  Committee / advocacy / community-building experience for your resume or CV
  • Learn and practice new skills while having fun
  • A letter for volunteer hours, if you are in highschool and need one
  • The chance to meet and work collaboratively with others in your community
  • The chance to transform our local area and make it easier and greener to
    navigate for all!

If you are interested or have questions, please email Julia at [email protected]. We are also looking for a Chair for this group - if interested in that role, let her know.

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