Are you ready to party?

One of the most exciting and empowering initiatives of the Pocket Change Project to date has been our Pocket Change Parties. We were only able to have three before Covid shut down in-person gatherings, but they were fantastic, and we are chomping at the bit to ramp them up again.

Pocket Change Parties are essentially wine and cheese fuelled info sessions about various green energy topics. Eight to ten people come together, hosted by a Pocket neighbour to hear from an invited expert and ask them all the “stupid” questions you can’t ask a website. It made such a difference for people to be able to run questions that related to their specific situations past a real human being. It was also just fun to have an excuse to kick back with your neighbours and meet new folks. We were also able to re-imburse the host for refreshments (within reason).

Our first party was about how to access all the incentives and rebates on offer from the different levels of government for green renos and upgrades. Very hard to figure out on your own! (And everything has changed now - there are so many more! We need to have another one of those for sure).

The 2nd party was actually a house tour and Q and A with The Pocket’s Green Guru and sustainable architect Paul Dowsett. Paul led folks through his Net-Zero home and fielded questions about how he got there and what his advice is for those starting their Net-Zero journey.

The 3rd party was a Retrofit 101 session with a rep from the City of Toronto’s Transform TO department. Taking us through everything from the “low-hanging fruit” options to the skinny on deep retrofits. So practical and inspiring!

So, are you ready to party?

We'd really like to host another party to talk with neighbours about ways we can reduce our carbon footprints (can you tell?), but we're very sensitive to people's comfort levels in indoor settings. So we're hoping you would take this quick online poll to help us determine if it's time for an indoor party, a garden party or some combination of the two.

Check out the poll here

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