Why do I need a Retrofit Roadmap?

If you’ve already had your energy audit, you know that those only get you so far in terms of ideas on how best to improve your home. A Retrofit Roadmap is designed to build upon your audit by going further in terms of greenhouse gas emission reductions and providing you with several options and scenarios for you to choose from. Perhaps you are considering switching to a heat pump but are uncertain whether or not you need to insulate or air seal first. Or perhaps you aren’t sure whether it’s best to insulate from the exterior or exterior of your home (and whether you should do your windows before, after, or at the same time).

The Retrofit Roadmap is designed to help answer the critical questions you may be asking about your home and how best to retrofit it. The Roadmap looks at your whole house, your goals and budget and is able to help you make the decision on all the pieces at once so that you end up with a plan that’s coherent, cost-effective, and reduces your home’s emissions at a reasonable pace. Homeowners who have received the roadmap have said that it saved them years, as otherwise they’d be left trying to pull together advice from various contractors on their own.