Who is behind the retrofit coordination service and Changemaker program?

The program is organized and run by your neighbours – people you may already know and trust – who have some experience in this area to help the community at large. We are very fortunate that in the Pocket, there are a number of people who live here who already have considerable experience in building science, home renovations, community engagement, and related fields. Others on our volunteer team have experience in engineering, technology, solar energy, sustainable heating and cooling, and more. All of these team members have come together with a desire to offer any relevant skills they have to benefit on-the-ground climate action in The Pocket. Some of them are working as Changemaker coordinators, and others are helping to organize the program as project managers, event organizers, administrators, and in other roles behind the scenes.

In terms of technical expertise and sustainable building science best practices, the program is guided by highly qualified experts, including the Pocket’s Retrofit Coach Paul Dowsett, one of Canada’s leading authorities in sustainable retrofit practices for residential properties. The registered energy advisors in our program are also highly qualified.

Most importantly, all of the Pocket volunteers running this service, and the registered energy advisors you work with, are completely at arms length from any contractors or service providers, so we are working independently and for you.