'We will need to find a new possible."

Former MP and hockey player Ken Dryden writes for the Globe and Mail on the biggest question young Canadians face: climate change.

Ken Dryden is an author and former NHL goaltender who served as an MP from 2004 until 2011, and as a cabinet minister. The following is adapted from the inaugural lecture he delivered at McGill University on Sept. 12, for its new course Climate Crisis and Climate Action, which he helped create and design.

I’m asked to speak about the past a lot, but I find the future far more interesting, far more exciting. And when I think about the future, I think about your generation. You’ll live another 60 or more years. What will those years be like? In what kind of Canada, in what kind of world, on what kind of planet, do you want to live? And how will you get there? As parents and grandparents, what we want most is to know that our kids and grandkids, that you and your generation, will be okay. And if we can’t know that, what can we do now to help?

In my life, I’ve been involved in lots of big questions, from environmental pollution, to inequality, to education. I think climate change is the biggest one.

Read the full opinion piece at the Globe and Mail.

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