The Frog Was Wrong: It Is Easy Being Green!

The Pocket Retrofit Coach, Paul Dowsett, and his colleague Daniel Hall were invited onto the Toronto Real Estate Podcast with Sherille and Ed Layton.

In this episode of the  Toronto Real Estate Podcast twe are privileged to be joined by architects and thought leaders, Paul Dowsett and Daniel Hall of The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc. based in Toronto.  Both Paul and Daniel focus a huge amount of personal energy making green; low carbon; net zero and sustainable homes a reality for their clients in Canada and advocate how many carbon cutting solutions are affordable and accessible when renovating or building a home.

If you are considering integrating some low carbon, energy efficient design into your future home (or indeed want to understand how Kermit was a liar) - this indeed is the podcast for you.

Listen to the entire episode at Spotify

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