Tell me more about the Retrofit Roadmap!

Retrofit Roadmaps are one of the unique aspects of our retrofit coordination service, and one of the reasons our service has been so successful in helping our Changemakers undertake home retrofits. A Retrofit Roadmap is an extremely detailed report, and so much more, as it also involves the support of your registered energy advisor in preparing it and discussing it with you. It will help you decide what work to do on your house (which items have the biggest “bang for your buck”). Your registered energy advisor will create the roadmap after reviewing your audit and having a site visit to your home and an in-depth discussion with you about your needs and circumstances. After considering all of the relevant information, your registered energy advisor will create your Retrofit Roadmap for you. You’ll find in it:

  • Detailed, prioritized actions to take (so you know what to do, in what order)
  • Information to help you understand the work that is recommended
  • Answers and background on technical questions to make decisions easier
  • Suggestions about reputable and available green contractors
  • A cost-benefits analysis that factors in Information about relevant grants, loans and rebates that would apply your circumstances and the plan outlined in the roadmap
  • Estimates of costs, and of energy savings and other benefits

A Retrofit Roadmap takes much of the guesswork and learning curve out of your home retrofit, and offers you peace of mind, knowing that a green home retrofit professional with considerable expertise has given significant thought to your home and your needs and recommended the best solutions and approach to move forward.