Pocket Change Meeting

This event has already taken place.

Parliament declared a climate emergency. City Council declared a climate emergency. How many years will it be before the gas is cut off?

There’s a group of us who want to make sure we’re ready — with all homes in the Pocket so well insulated we can afford to heat them electrically.

The City is helping us pilot this community-based approach. The Federal Government promised support for home retrofits — our MP is checking it out.

Pocket Change now has 112 members. We meet this Thursday at 7pm in Room 123 at the Indigenous Education Centre / Wandering Spirit School — join us! Enter via the main door at the front — we be in a large room at the far south end of the building.


  1. Welcome and Introduction to the evening
  2. Video – A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  3. Introduce yourself to your neighbours – share with those at your table
  4. The Pocket Baseline Survey
  5. The City Presents
  6. Question and Answer session
  7. Get involved – We need people to:
    • Help survey our current home energy consumption
    • Help Pocket people discover their personal carbon footprint using Project Neutral
    • Develop new communications materials — e.g., blog
    • Organize more Pocket Parties!
      • learn about how to retrofit our homes
      • investigate the viability of air-sourced heat pumps
      • explore the financing available for community retrofitting projects
      • research the viability of a district energy system using ground source heat pumps tapping into underground streams
    • Encourage Pocket Pioneers to demonstrate energy conservation options