Paul Dowsett

AKA – The Retrofit Coach, is the Principal Architect at Sustainable, Paul is a leading practitioner and advocate in the space of sustainability and architecture. For the past decade, Paul has been central to the introduction of sustainable architecture to the mainstream, while practicing deep community engagement with equity-seeking groups of all backgrounds and abilities. Paul’s work has consistently demonstrated the value of building-science-led design solutions for new construction and especially for retrofits. Paul is a key advisor in the space of residential retrofits. Paul’s own home may be the first house in the Pocket to have undergone a deep energy retrofit, reducing his energy demand to 48% less than that required for a typical Canadian home, and achieving net-positive-cost-of-energy. Almost a decade later, his firm was responsible for the retrofit of a very similar home, achieving an 83% energy reduction and achieving the first LEED For Homes Platinum certification for a renovation.