How else can I benefit from the retrofit coordination service?

For most homeowners, the idea of undertaking a home retrofit on their own is quite daunting. There is a great deal to learn; much of it is highly technical; the programs, technology, and rebates are changing regularly; retrofits can be expensive; and the whole process may take a lot of time – which is in short supply for most of us these days.

The Pocket Change Project’s retrofit coordination service was created to help you with all of these barriers, so you have all the motivation, support, information, and resources you need. The program:

  • Builds your confidence and saves time by taking out much of the guesswork involved and flattening your learning curve
  • Makes retrofits more affordable, because connecting to grant/loan/rebate programs you qualify for and working to your budget are part of the Retrofit Roadmap process
  • Makes the entire journey a lot easier thanks to a good plan and expert assistance along the way
  • Helps you overcome obstacles and feel less alone by connecting you to helpful resources and a community of neighbours, green contractors, and other professionals who can support you.
  • Helps you actually enjoy the process - especially by feeling more connected to your neighbours and sharing your successes