How does your retrofit coordination service work?

As a Changemaker in the retrofit coordination service, you would go through the following steps:

Energy Audit

  • You first obtain an energy audit to examine the current state of your home and its greenhouse gas emissions (benchmark).

Initial Design Meeting

  • Next, you speak to a registered energy advisor (a registered energy advisor who has advanced knowledge in the area of low-carbon retrofits) to discuss your energy audit, your home’s characteristics, and your own needs, budget, and other circumstances.

Retrofit Roadmap

  • The registered energy advisor then creates a Retrofit Roadmap for you – an extensive report that provides a plan with the suggested work and logical order of activities to meet your objectives, tailored to your household, goals, preferred pace and budget. Your registered energy advisor will discuss the roadmap with you, including the pros and cons of your options.

Retrofit Work Begins

  • Once the Retrofit Roadmap is complete and before you begin your retrofit, you are officially a Changemaker and are matched with a Pocket Changemaker coordinator – one of our knowledgeable Pocket Change volunteers who will be there to support you throughout your retrofit. Your Changemaker Coordinator will check in with you regularly and help with any questions you have or problems you need to troubleshoot.
  • You will also receive one of our Changemaker lawn signs once your Retrofit Roadmap is complete, if you would like one – to celebrate the steps you are taking to reduce your home’s carbon footprint.
  • With your Retrofit Roadmap in place, you now have everything you need to execute your well-planned retrofit, step by step, with on-going guidance from your registered energy advisor, as necessary.
  • Your Changemaker coordinator will also organize regular Changemaker meetups so you can get to know other Changemakers in the Pocket and share tips, success stories, and challenges with each other.

Retrofit Analysis

  • At the end of your retrofit, you will have a final energy audit to measure the improvements in your emissions against your pre-retrofit benchmark. You will learn how much the project has reduced your energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.