Can you help me with finding reputable green contractors as part of the service?

Finding really good and available contractors to do green home retrofits is one of the most challenging aspects of a retrofit these days. The market is growing, but there simply aren’t enough of them around yet to meet the growing demand. In addition, there are many contractors who claim to have knowledge about green retrofits, but who do not really have a deep level of expertise. There are also many contractors and suppliers who will try to steer you away from green retrofit options, claiming that they won’t work for your situation or are too expensive. In some cases, these contractors may not have the training to know all of the green retrofit solutions available. In other cases, they may be steering you away from a green option so they can give you a lower quote, in an effort to bring you on board as a customer.

Your registered energy advisor can help you with recommendations for good green contractors, and your Retrofit Roadmap will also contain some suggestions. You can also have a look at the Retrofit Stories section of our website to see what companies and contractors other homeowners who have done retrofits are using (most of them are Pocket Changemakers who have used our retrofit coordination service).