Electric vehicle chargers to be installed at most ONroute rest stops by summer

An exciting announcement that all the ONroute rest stops on highways 400 and 401 will have EV chargers by the end of the year

KING CITY, Ont. - Electric vehicle charging stations are set to be installed at most ONroute rest stops in Ontario by next summer.

Energy Minister Todd Smith and Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney made the announcement Wednesday and said each site will have at least two chargers, with busier locations equipped with more.

The pay-per-use charging stations will be installed by Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation’s joint network called Ivy, and won’t involve direct funding from the provincial government itself.

After Premier Doug Ford came to power in 2018, the government stopped building a network of public charging stations, with agencies and companies stepping in to meet some of the demand.

Ford also cancelled electric vehicle rebates that year, but in recent weeks has been speaking about wanting to make Ontario an electric vehicle manufacturing leader.

Chargers at 17 out of 23 ONroute stations along Highways 401 and 400 should be open by the summer, with another three open by the end of next year, while the rest stops in Maple, Ingersoll and Newcastle are being renovated and won’t have chargers for another couple of years.

“This deployment will reduce barriers to EV ownership, supporting Ontario’s growing EV manufacturing market, critical minerals sector and help achieve Ontario’s goal of building at least 400,000 electric and hybrid vehicles by 2030,” Smith said in a statement.

Read the full article at the Star.

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