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Home Retrofits to Get Off the Gas: A Bird's-Eye View (webinar)

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Are you interested in greening your home a little – or perhaps a lot? Do you want to gain a really clear understanding of how all the steps, options, and processes fit together? Then this essential “big picture” webinar is for you!

Date: Wednesday, November 30

Time: 8 – 9:15 pm ET

Where: On Zoom (RSVP required)

Pocket Change Retrofit Coach Paul Dowsett (also a Pocket resident and founder of Sustainable: Architecture for a Healthy Planet) and Registered Energy Advisor Sarah Grant (co-founder, Goldfinch Energy) will take you through what you need to know when considering a deep home retrofit – or an upgrade to work you’ve already done to green your home. Most importantly this webinar will go over ways to “bring it all together” – through a step-wise process that makes sense for your home and makes it a lot easier on you!

You’ll also hear from Pocket homeowners who have done green home retrofits and professional green contractors who work in this field. Bring your questions!

Topics will include:
• Energy audits
• Retrofit roadmaps
• Permitting
• Hiring contractors for: air-sealing and insulating; windows, doors and siding; electric cold-weather air-source heat pumps (to replace gas furnaces and boilers); ventilation; and solar panels
• Available grants and loans

A green home retrofit can significantly improve home comfort (reducing or eliminating drafts, cold rooms, exterior noise), improve well-being for you and your family (because “natural” gas in homes is detrimental to human health), and substantially reduce your energy bills. Not to mention, getting off gas is one of the best ways for you to personally help our planet, by helping to reduce the emissions from burning fossil fuels in homes. In other words: this webinar could be life changing (kidding – and also not!). See you there!

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