Increasingly under fire as potential health hazards, gas stoves could be banned in 2023, top federal official says: ‘It’s a real possibility.’

The Chicago Tribune reports on the potential for U.S. officials to ban gas stoves due to indications of health problems, including asthma in children.

Citing studies that link gas stoves to health problems, including asthma in children, a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission official said his agency will begin a formal review process that could lead to new regulations.

“We need to be talking about regulating gas stoves, whether that’s drastically improving emissions or banning gas stoves entirely,” said Commissioner Richard Trumka. “And I think we ought to keep that possibility of a ban in mind, because it’s a powerful tool in our tool belt and it’s a real possibility here.”

The commission will begin soliciting information from the public in March, Trumka said, and regulation could happen in 2023.

Trumka’s remarks came during a Wednesday virtual news conference hosted by PIRG, a network of public interest research groups.

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