Gas leaking toxins into California homes: Researchers found cancer-causing benzene and other air pollutants in samples from 159 Golden State residences

The Smithsonian magazine reports on a study indicating gas stoves are leaking dangerous toxins into homes in California.

Even when they’re turned off, gas stoves in California are leaking toxins into homes at levels that are comparable to secondhand smoke, according to new research published Thursday in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. In some areas, the amount of escaping gas reached seven times the state’s recommended limits.

Scientists detected an array of air pollutants—including toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene and benzene—in samples they collected from unlit gas stoves in 159 homes across California. All of the chemicals can contribute to health issues in humans, but the researchers are particularly concerned about the presence of benzene, which can cause cancer, specifically increasing the risk of leukemia.

Per the findings, benzene levels were highest in homes in the greater Los Angeles region, the North San Fernando Valley and the San Clarita Valley.

Read the full article at the Smithsonian Magazine

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