As gas prices spike, Montreal's bike culture seen as model for rest of the country

It's amazing what’s happened in Montreal in the last 10 years -- from “pothole city” to “bike city” with even a dedicated “bike highway.”

Montrealer Olivia Collette sold her car in 2016 and hasn't looked back.

Collette, a communications consultant living in central Montreal, said getting around using a bicycle, a car-sharing service or a transit pass has not only saved her money, it's often more enjoyable.

"When it's sunny and warm, it's really pleasant," Collette said of her bicycle commutes. "It's a really pleasant way of going from A to B."

Collette said that while getting around Montreal isn't difficult without a personal vehicle, she's not sure doing so would be as easy in many other Canadian cities.

And with the soaring cost of gasoline and new vehicles, urban transit experts say the rest of Canada should look to Montreal for lessons on how to boost cycling culture.

Stein van Oosteren, spokesperson for a Paris-based cycling association, says the time is right for Canadian cities to make big gains in changing the way people move around.

Read the full article at CBC.

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